Pakistan-occupied Kashmir rises in protest against Pakistani misrule

pok protest
Protest in POK (Photo: News Intervention)

There was a widespread strike in the Poonch division of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, resulting in the closure of markets, hotels, and transportation. The strike, which continues in Poonch, aims to address issues such as inflation, poverty, electricity, and flour scarcity.

The people of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir are demanding that the Government of Pakistan provide them with the same facilities and benefits as those provided by the Indian Government to the people of Jammu, Kashmir, Poonch, and Ladakh.

The residents of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir have been expressing their strong resentment towards Pakistan by persistently fighting for their rights over the past year. The protest enjoys support from various sectors, including businesses, social organizations, lawyers, students, and transporters. Currently, a complete strike is observed in all four districts of the Poonch division, while partial protests take place in Mirpur and Muzaffarabad divisions. If their demands are not addressed, the protest movement may expand further.

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