Pakistan shall be eradicated from face of the planet: Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan chief

Tajik Taliban commander's chilling warning to Pak Army
Tajik Taliban commander (Photo -X)

In the midst of escalating tensions between Afghanistan and Pakistan, Abdul Hamid Khorasani, an ethnic Tajik commander of the Taliban hailing from Panjshir, has ignited a storm with his recent warning to Pakistan Army. In a video Khorasani boldly threatens to overthrow Pak ‘establishment’, vowing to wipe it from the face of the planet.

Addressing Pakistan Army Chief Asim Munir, Khorasani’s remarks shows the volatile situation simmering along the border shared by these neighboring nations. “The holy warriors of TTP shall soon overthrow your infidel and oppressive government. Pakistan shall be eradicated from the face of the planet upon the orders of Mullah Hebatullah,” said Khorasani in the video.

In another video, Khorasani directed his message to Jan Achakzai, Minister for Information and Public Relations in Pak-occupied-Balochistan, who had issued a warning to the Taliban via social media.

“If another terrorist attack takes place in Pakistan, the Taliban have already been warned. There will be no other option. Pakistan will quickly enter Afghanistan and directly connect to Central Asia by capturing the Wakhan Corridor,” Achakzai had posted.

In response, the Tajik Taliban commander issued a chilling message, stating, “My message to Jan Achakzai, Asim Munir, Asif Zardari is that Afghans defeated the British, Russia, and USA. Pakistan is insignificant for us. Taliban fighters and TTP together will fight Pakistan’s apostate army.”

These warnings, broadcasted across social media platforms, highlights the deep-seated animosity between certain factions within Afghanistan and Pakistan. Khorasani’s affiliation with the Panjshir-based Taliban faction adds layers of complexity to an already fragile and deteriorating relationship between the two nations.

This argument comes as Pakistan’s Defense Minister, Khawaja Asif, says they don’t want to fight with Afghanistan. But he warns that if Afghanistan doesn’t deal with anti-Pakistan terrorists on its soil who target Pakistan, Pakistan might block trade routes as a consequence.

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