Pakistan should stop mistreating the Baloch: HRCP

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The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) after the recent protests in Gwadar, released a statement which said that “it is now imperative for the state to abandon its second-tier policy for Balochistan”.

The HRCP has condemned the killing of a policeman and violence against protesters during the recent protests in Gwadar. It further said ,“We also call on the provincial government to protect people’s right to freedom of peaceful assembly by avoiding mass arrests and use of force and focus on more effective methods of crowd control”. The Commission further stated that it is the responsibility of the provincial government to communicate with the protestors and give a fair hearing to their demands. They have to hear their legitimate grievances, which are not new, focus on demands that every citizen of Pakistan has the right to security of person, freedom of movement and peaceful assembly, access to clean water, education and health. Press and media censorship of Balochistan need to be removed and its problems need to be addressed.

The Pakistani regime invaded Balochistan and occupied it on 27 March, 1948, which continues till date. The Baloch have been living under inhuman conditions under the occupier and brutal treatment meted out to the people of Balochistan.

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