Pakistan wants to eradicate the idea of Baloch resistance with brutalities: Dr Murad Baloch

Protests in Turbat against the killing of Bibi Kulsoom Baloch. She was killed by Pakistan-sponsored Death Squads at Dazin, Tump in occupied Balochistan. (Photo: News Intervention)
Protests in Turbat against the killing of Bibi Kulsoom Baloch. She was killed by Pakistan-sponsored Death Squads at Dazin, Tump in occupied Balochistan. (Photo: News Intervention)

Dr Murad Baloch, Secretary General of the Baloch National Movement has strongly condemned the assassination of Bibi Kulsoom Baloch in Dazin. In a press statement, Dr Murad Baloch said that the state of Pakistan wants to eradicate the idea of resistance from Baloch nation by hurting the honour and dignity of Baloch nation through a series of humiliating incidents and torturous murders.

“After raiding Kulsoom Baloch’s house in Dazin, the members of state-backed death squad stabbed her in front of her little girls with knives when she screamed for help,” said Dr Murad Baloch. After the martyrdom of Baloch daughter Bibi Kulsoom Baloch, her jewels were taken off and the house was looted. Such shameful and tragic incidents in Baloch society are the ominous face of Pakistani occupation which Baloch people will not forget for centuries. Those involved in such heinous incidents have nothing to do with Baloch people and are barbarians who are far from humanity, said Dr Murad Baloch.

“The Punjabi state has adopted a strategy to counter the Baloch national struggle by systematic killings, enforced disappearances, demolishing entire villages and by plundering of Baloch resources at the hands of its army and intelligence agencies, yet Pakistani state has failed to counter the struggle. Following the failure of the state in this, the state has formed Death Squads of criminals and given free hand to them to dishonour the Baloch national dignity, play with their lives and loot their property so that the national feeling and resistance in the society can be eradicated,” he added.

“But history has shown that oppression, violence and barbarism deepen the national feeling of slavery rather than reduce it, and it is this sensibility that gives strength and energy to the national movement,” added Dr Murad Baloch.

Dr Murad said that the incident of Shaheed (martyr) Malik Naz and the little girl Bramsh shocked all sections of the Baloch nation and a series of historic protests began. The foremost demand of the protestors is the elimination of these Death Squads from Balochistan. While the ongoing series of protests, another Baloch daughter was killed at the hands of Death Squads. It was a clear message to Baloch people from Pakistani state, that, peaceful protests and slogans of Baloch people will intensify Pakistan’s barbaric actions rather than put an end to it. But it’s the misconception of the Pakistani state that they can hide their war crimes under the umbrella of Death Squads. Disgrace has become the destiny of Pakistan, explained Dr Murad Baloch.

Dr Murad Baloch also said that, “…we have to realize the fact that to crush the Baloch national movement, Pakistan is distorting our social values through multidimensional strategies and tactics to maintain its occupation and colonial rule. Death Squads are the most valuable means to reduce the burden of direct accusations of Baloch genocide and war crimes of Pakistan at the international forums, but the Baloch nation has exposed Pakistan’s tactics to the world through its struggle.”

Today, the voice of the Baloch is being heard all over the world that the state of Pakistan is using the Death Squads as a tool in Baloch genocide and they are the state’s associates and equal partners in war crimes.


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