Pakistani forces bombarded on local population in Kech district Balochistan


In the Kech district of occupied Balochistan, the Pakistani army fired several mortar shells at a village, damaging a mosque and injuring several people.

According to reports from Kech district of Occupied Balochistan, the Pakistani army fired mortar shells at houses in Nizarabad village of Tump and used drones to capture the videos in the houses.

Two rockets fired at the population landed on the Eid prayer mosque, damaging the mosque wall, washroom, water tank, pipeline and power lines.

While two rockets landed 15 feet away from the courtyard of the house resident Ghulam Nabi son of Rasool Muhammad. People were sleeping in the yard who narrowly escaped. Some suffered minor injuries but nearby palm trees and mango trees were burnt.

Tump is a populated village and native hometown of Baloch student leader Banuk Karima Baloch who was killed by the Pakistani intelligence agency ISI in Canada. According to local sources, this is not the first time but even before this the Pakistani army fired mortar rockets at the population and many people have been killed in such incidents.


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