Pakistani lawmaker under fire for disrespectful behavior towards female teachers

PPP Official Under Fire for Disrespectful Conduct at Balochistan University
PPP Lawmaker's Behavior (Photo - X)

Ali Madad Jattak, a Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) lawmaker, is facing backlash for being disrespectful towards female teachers at the University of Balochistan. The incident took place amidst a protest organized by university faculty and staff, who have been enduring a three-month delay in their salaries.

The protesters gathered outside the Balochistan Assembly seeking resolution to the salary delays on Monday. In response, the puppet assembly speaker dispatched Jattak and other officials for negotiations. However, Jattak displayed aggressive behavior and used abusive language towards protesting professor Tatara Achakzai.

Following this incident, outrage sparked on social media which prompted the puppet Chief Minister Mir Sarfaraz Bugti to extended apologies on behalf of Jattak.

Earlier, on March 13, hundreds of Balochistan University employees, including senior professors, lecturers, and female staff, protested against the non-payment of salaries for the past three months. The protesters emphasized the significant hardships faced by university staff due to prolonged salary delays amid soaring inflation.

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