Pakistani occupied Kashmir sexually explicit with innocent kid – Writer: Junaid Kamal


This is neither the first nor the last time a Pakistani soldier has sexually abused an innocent child in the Dhirkot region of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir Bagh. The evil army’s trousers were taken off in Bangladesh when the Bangladeshis were united and organized, and the country is now a free country.

The Pakistani occupying army has played this role in Balochistan, and Ameer Murad from Hoshab, Balochistan, was recently raped by Pakistani FC personnel in Hoshab. The Baloch nation began an organized war against them as a result of their position in Balochistan, and the Baloch nation is now on the verge of independence. The fight of wills has been lost.

Rape of children and women is a daily occurrence in Pakistani Occupied Kashmir, especially in the border areas at the same time, the army manages to cover up such incidents. Dhirkot a soldier was raping a child at a time when a law is being made about the Pakistani army that anyone who speaks against the army will be punished. Is being given a legal right.

Rather than handing over the soldier who raped the innocent child to the authorities, the soldiers were saved by the locals and later sent across the coal. He is accused of torturing a soldier for raping a girl, according to a police report. In other words, the occupying forces should rape our children and the case should be made against our people. Where is the justice? What can be done against the occupying forces in the enslaved areas? The mockery movement against the army which is rooted in such incidents. As a slave nation we must analyze the role of the occupying army from Bangladesh to Balochistan and movement against this unbridled fascist evil army.

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