Pakistani regime kills 5 ‘Missing’ Baloch in fake encounter

Five Baloch citizens who were killed by Pakistani security forces in a fake encounter.
Five Baloch citizens who were killed by Pakistani security forces in a fake encounter.

Pakistan regime’s saga of fake encounters and target killing of innocent Baloch people continues unabated across occupied Balochistan. Almost every week there’s a news of targeted killing and forced abduction by the Pakistani security forces. Just last week the Pakistani security forces shot dead five Baloch citizens in a fake encounter.

Local reports within Balochistan say that all these five Baloch persons had been forcibly disappeared and were already in the custody of Pakistani security forces. Pakistani security forces then labelled these Baloch as members of armed, pro-independence organizations and then shot them dead in a fake encounter.

Baloch National Movement (BNM) confirmed this fake encounter in a media statement, saying that “…the Counter-Terrorism Department staged a fake encounter to liquidate the five Baloch nationals that were already under its custody.” Two of the five persons – Jameel Ahmad Pirkani and Sami Ullah Pirkani – were reportedly detained by the Eagle Force, a tactical attack unit of the Pakistani military, from Quetta in January this year. The Eagle Force blamed the two detainees for carrying grenades and handed them over to the CTD.

The other two were identified as cousins Yousaf Marri and Arif Marri. The former was reportedly detained while he was working in his fields at Sibi, and the latter was detained from the Hazar Ganji area of Quetta. The fifth individual was identified as Shah Nazar, another victim of enforced disappearance.

According to reports, the Pakistani security forces accused these five Baloch citizens of being members of an armed group and gunned them down in a “fake” encounter. And this is not a unique or isolated incident. A similar incident also occurred in Rajan Pur in August 2020, where the police killed five individuals in a staged confrontation claiming that they were members of a “pro-independence” group. The Baloch political groups subsequently repudiated the claims.

Another similar incident occurred in 2015 when two Baloch nationals were accused of being associates of a “pro-independence” organization, hastily indicted and then killed in a fake encounter.

The Baloch National Movement (BNM) said that this incident is a gruesome demonstration of Pakistan’s barbarity before the world. Pakistani forces have killed thousands of Baloch youth in similar incidents and then thrown their dead bodies in the wilderness.


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