Pakistani regime’s ruling class is very dirty: Manzoor Pashteen

Pashtun leader Manzoor Pashteen. (Photo: News Intervention)
Pashtun leader Manzoor Pashteen. (Photo: News Intervention)

Manzoor Pashtun, the leader of the Pashtun Protection Moment tweeted saying that state negotiations have not proved to be a solution to the problems of the subjugated class.He said this as he was trolled for sharing an old picture of him with a Pakistani military spokesman.

Photo of Manzoor Pashteen with Pakistani military spokesperson

Referring to the above photo, Manzoor Pashteen said that this is a photo of the sit-in negotiations before February 2018, in which the Pakistani state had promised to solve the problems in a month. “When the problems were not solved, we started resistance again, which is still going on” he said.

He further said “it is a strange state, if they don’t negotiate, they defame that they don’t want a solution and even if they negotiate, they try to defame with such tactics”.

The Pashtun leader further said that later he understood why the Baloch do not negotiate with the state [Pakistan]. “In fact, the powerful people of the state are very dirty and use the photos of the negotiations to spread propaganda against you. Why not solve it through dialogue?” he stated.

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