Pakistan’s plan to deport Afghan migrants face strong resistance

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An online petition has surfaced, calling for an end of the evacuation of Afghan migrants in Pakistan and seeking international support for Afghan refugees. The petition has gained momentum, with hundreds of people from various linguistic backgrounds endorsing it. It is available in English, Pashtun, Dari, Urdu, Turkish, and other languages, making it accessible to a broad audience.

The petition emphatically states that signatories reject the government of Pakistan’s deportation plan and stand in solidarity with Afghan nationals residing in Pakistan and elsewhere. It advocates for the official recognition of all Afghans as integral citizens of Pakistan, stressing the importance of preserving principles like permanent residence, citizenship, and asylum.

Furthermore, the petition underscores the interconnected struggles of Afghan migrants in Pakistan with those of ethnic and religious minorities, individuals facing political differences, homeless Pakistanis, women, and various segments of society. It asserts that the cause of Afghan migrants in Pakistan aligns with the global struggle of oppressed people, migrants, and refugees, as well as the broader Afghan diaspora.

Solidarity, a fundamental right and responsibility

Importantly, the petition clarifies that this solidarity is not an act of charity or mere human sympathy but a fundamental right and responsibility. It calls for the rejection of any attempts to divide ethnic and religious minorities and tribal communities within the country.

The petition also urges individuals, activists, communities, and organizations globally to continue expressing solidarity with Afghan refugees and to take proactive measures to protect Afghan community members from racial violence.

A heartfelt appeal is made to people worldwide to acknowledge their responsibility for the well-being of Afghans, both inside and outside Afghanistan. It demands an end to the ongoing migration of Afghans to Pakistan and other destinations.

The petition also directs its pleas to governments of countries like Britain, Germany, Canada, America, and others. It implores these nations to expedite the relocation of Afghan citizens, particularly those who find themselves stranded in transit in Pakistan. The immediate opening of asylum routes for Afghans is deemed a pressing need.

Furthermore, the petition highlights the necessity of shifting the international migration system’s focus from immediate repatriation programs to advocating for the long-term legal rights of Afghans in Pakistan.

Call to halt arbitrary detention

In addition, the petition calls upon the Government of Pakistan to halt arbitrary detentions and harassment of Afghan refugees, as well as the demolition of their residences. It insists that calls for Afghans to leave Pakistan cease immediately, and ongoing migration be halted. It urges continued protection for vulnerable Afghan populations in their pursuit of safety. Moreover, it advocates for the inclusion of undocumented Afghans in the asylum system and the development of a legal framework for refugees and asylum seekers within Pakistan, including long-term residence and pathways to citizenship.

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