Pak’s military destroying Sindh through its network of pawns

Sindh's wildlife conservationist and social worker Nazim Jokhiyo was found murdered at Pakistan's lawmakers farmhouse. (Photo: Twitter)
Sindh's wildlife conservationist and social worker Nazim Jokhiyo was found murdered at Pakistan's lawmakers farmhouse. (Photo: Twitter)

The murder of Nazim Jokhio, a young 27-year-old Sindhi social worker, from Thatta in Pakistan-occupied Sindh (POS) led to a crisis between the incumbent federal government led by PTI and PPP’s Sindh provincial government. Nazim Jokhio had made a video of some foreigners (Arab) hunting houbara bustard and shared them over social media that led to his brutal killing.

Simultaneously, common people, progressive society, nationalist and human rights organizations of occupied Sindh are in rage after this incident. Murders are not new in occupied Sindh and every other day Sindh receives tortured mutilated bodies killed by the Pakistani intelligence agencies and Islamist terrorist groups and feudal lords backed by ISI.

Every year a larger of Arabs from the gulf countries visit Sindh for hunting. They own land, rest houses and servants in Sindh. The Pakistan government (military establishment) provides them security while the local feudal lords, landlords serve them with the money.

Nazim Jokhio was Sindh’s wildlife conservationist and social worker who was brutally murdered in Pakistan-occupied Sindh.

When every other day a Sindhi is abducted, tortured and murdered, and yet no authority or any government department takes note of it then why has the murder of Nazim Jokhio highlighted? To understand, we have to look into the strategy of Pakistani military.

The murder of Jokhio is politicized and highlighted because of opposition political parties in Sindh. Otherwise no one cares about the killings of innocent civilians of occupied Sindh. Till now hundreds of thousands of Sindhis have been murdered and their bodies are found on the streets. This issue also will be sorted soon as the military establishment will intervene in the incident. Though it is quite predictable that none will be punished because this elite class are pawns of the actual masters and not until they are revolted against.

In Pakistan, military establishment which runs the show owns a large number of different outfits and uses them as pawns on different times to win the game by hook or crook to keep ruling. These pawns include players like media personalities, feudal lords, radical Islamist outfits, various small political groups and even political parties having huge mandate and followers.

Every year thousands of Arabs visit Sindh on hunting expeditions that is arranged by the Pakistani regime

Feudalism is a curse for any society especially a country like Pakistan that has ruined lives of hundreds of thousands common people since it’s creation in 1947. The elite feudal class that own 45% of land in Pakistan are privileged people who have direct or indirect links with military establishment and they work under different Pakistani intelligence agencies. These pawns are used on certain occasions as required against opponents. Some time these pawns are sacrificed by their masters.

In Pakistan-occupied Sindh, the provincial government, their different departments that manage poor common people (masses) are the key pawns in the game of Pakistan military establishment. A military establishment’s special division works only on these pawns. The first thing they do is to corrupt these people and then document their corruption deeds. These pawns then come under the clutches of Pakistani military establishment and start acting on the wishes of their masters. The useful pawns enjoy lifetime perks and protection provided by the military establishment.

Sindh’s great leader and founder of the ideology of “Sindhudesh” Sain G.M. Syed said in his teachings: “We have three opponents and they are our enemies of Sindhudesh”
1- Military establishment of Pakistan
2- Elite feudal class
3- Islamist extremist groups

Sain G.M. Syed’s teachings have proved to be hundred percent right because the freedom movement of Sindhudesh has faced opposition only from these three opponents at every step.

Pakistan’s military intelligence network has killed hundreds of our nationalist leaders and political workers till today. Feudal lords have played their role in keeping the common people away from national freedom movement and on many occasions they have identified our workers from their areas/ constituencies, while Islamist groups have established thousands of Madrassas to brainwash common peoples’ minds. Some time they even roam on the streets of Sindh with their weapons to create fear among the people.

The military establishment (the masters) who are the actual owners of Pakistan, play and use all their pawns when needed. These feudal lords, political personalities and Islamist radical groups are merely pawns, because if we look deep into the systemic organized ways of military establishment then it becomes clear that only they have authority to bring, protect, support anyone any time as they want.

Over the last few decades, the murder of PPP leader Benazir Bhutoo (feudal family) on demand of a few radical Islamist elements sitting in military establishment and overthrow of PML (N) Nawaz Sharif (an industrialist) government on asking for more share in CPEC project funds, which was not acceptable to the military establishment was orchestrated by the Pakistan Army. It is the Pakistani military that creates various factions of Islamist radical groups and uses them as per their requirements, labelling them as good Taliban and bad Taliban according to the situation. It only shows that this is a engineered system of military establishment to keep their supremacy and cement their rule across Pakistan.

If anyone is in doubt that any political party that’s taking part in Pakistan’s electoral process can change the fate of Pakistan then they are living in a fool’s paradise because Pakistan was created for military establishment and will be ruled by them only, till the time Pakistan is balkanized. This is the only solution to get rid of this rogue terrorist nation.

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