Palestine-Israel tension, 6 Chinese warships deployed in the Middle East

chinese warships ready
Representative Photo

In response to the escalating Israeli-Palestinian conflict, China has dispatched a naval task force consisting of six Chinese warships to the Middle East. According to Chinese media, the task force, including the Type 052D guided missile destroyer Zebo, the frigate Jingzhou, and the supply ship Qingdao, recently conducted joint exercises with Oman’s navy before heading to an undisclosed location.

The deployment of the Chinese naval task force follows the earlier dispatch of the USS Gerald R. Ford by the United States to the Middle East in support of Israel after a Hamas attack on October 7. The situation in the region remains tense, and the presence of both American and Chinese warships raises questions about the potential impact on regional dynamics and ongoing efforts to address the conflict.

This comes in the wake of various attacks on US assets in the Middle East, including Iraq and Syria. The developments underscores the possibility of more aggravated bipolar clashes if escalation continues.

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