Pashtun hurls abuses at former Pak Army chief Gen Bajwa

pak army chief abused
Former Pak Army Chief abused by one Pashtun (Photo: Screengrab of the video )

Pakistan Army’s former chief was confronted and abused by a Pashtun man in France over his role in destabilizing Afghanistan.

In a viral video, a Pashtun origin man abuses Qamar Javed Bajwa in extreme anger for veiled support of Taliban in disturbing political stability in Afghanistan which ultimately led to Taliban’s takeover.

The Army’s role in running Pakistan and it’s nexus with Taliban is not a hidden fact. Taliban take over of Afghanistan is attributed to the culpability of Bajwa.

The only thing that Bajwa said was that he is no longer the Army Chief. He threatened the man by saying, ‘Do not make my video or else I will call the police.’

It is worth noting that the incident occurred in France where the retired Chief of Army is on a visit to France’s Annecy, a tourist destination city, with his wife.

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