Pashtuns in Germany rally against Manzoor Pashteen’s attack & arrest

protest in germany
Protest In Frankfurt (Photo: News Intervention)

Pashtun activists all across the world are agitating against the brutal and indiscriminate firing at the convoy of Manzoor Pashteen and his subsequent arrest. In the latest development PTM Germany hit the streets protesting against his arrest.

In Frankfurt, PTM supporters carried out a long march raising slogans and banners demanding the release of PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen. Along with that, they also emphasized the need to address the terrorist acts committed by FC and Pakistan Army against the Pashtuns. Notably, PTM Chief was arrested after deadly attack on him by Pakistan Army while he was going to participate in Turbat protest. He was to make an address to the protest which was organized against the extra-judicial killing of 4 innocent Baloch youth by the so-called Counter Terrorism Department.

After he was arrested, he was presented to court after three days only to be sent to 7-day physical remand. PTM has been protesting against his arrest and now the voice against Pakistan’s subversion and authoritarianism has escalated to a global scale. PTM Germany activists, while protesting in Frankfurt held the banner reading, “Pakistan is responsible for terrorism in the World”.

Furthermore, the protestors also went in front of the Pakistan consulate under the leadership of PTM Central Committee member Qahar Hamat.

Meanwhile, UK arm of PTM reached out to House of Commons and British PM’s locale at 10 Downing Street. They submitted an official letter to the UK PM for the release of Manzoor Pashteen

PTM Activists At 10, Downing Street (Photo: Social Media)

Earlier on December 5, PTM Europe reached out to UN High Commissioner for Human Rights in Genva and appealed to consider the issue and condemn the assassination attempt on Manzoor Pashteen besides his immediate release.   

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