Pashtuns support and join Baloch Long March in Dera Ismail Khan

pashtuns support baloch long march
Pashtuns join Baloch Long March (Photo: News Intervention)

On the 27th day of the Baloch Long March, the movement has reached Taunsa Sharif, marking a significant milestone in the protest against the continuous Baloch genocide. Videos and images circulating online show thousands lining the streets, cheering and waving flags, as the marchers make their way towards Islamabad.

The entire Baloch nation, from Makran to Taunsa Sharif, has taken to the streets to voice their resentment against the brutal actions of the Pak Army. The historic long march received a warm welcome upon reaching Dera Ismail Khan, where the proud residents expressed their support for this bold stance against state terrorism and oppression.

Warm welcome in Dera Ismail Khan

Upon reaching Dera Ismail Khan, the historic march was met with another wave of support and warmth. The local Pashtun community, who themselves have faced state repression, played a crucial role in this warm reception.

Pashtun nationalist leader Ali Wazir, a vocal critic of Pak Army’s oppression, greeted the marchers and presented Mahrang Baloch, a prominent organizer, with a traditional dupatta, symbolizing unity and solidarity. This act of kinship resonated deeply with both communities, signifying the unwavering support of Pashtun communities who themselves bear the scars of Army’s oppression.

This marked a remarkable moment of unity, as the Pashtun tribe, having faced its own challenges at the hands of the Pak Army, joined hands in solidarity with their Baloch counterparts.

The rally held in Dera Ismail Khan drew hundreds, reaffirming the march’s demands for an end to Baloch genocide, illegal forced disappearances, extrajudicial killings by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in fake encounters, and the activity of death squads across Pak-occupied-Balochistan. Wazir’s participation resonated deeply, with his passionate address resonating with the gathered crowd.

With Taunsa Sharif successfully navigated, the march now sets its sights on Islamabad, the capital. There, it will join the established camp of missing persons and unveil its next course of action. The Baloch Long March appears to be galvanizing support as it moves closer to the seat of power, raising its voice for justice and a better future for the Baloch people.

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