‘Pashtuns will not be allowed to perish in the name of peace’, Manzoor Pashteen

Pashtuns will not be allowed to perish in the name of peace - Manzoor Pashteen
Manzoor Pashteen (Photo: Social Media)

Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) leader Manzoor Pashteen has said on the social media platform Twitter that after the decision to conduct a military operation in the meeting of Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif, a narrative is being created in the Pakistani media as if terrorism is rampant in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and an operation is needed, whereas the reality is that terrorist organizations are created and used by the state itself to destroy Pashtuns.

He said that the government is preparing a war narrative with the blood of Pashtuns for the upcoming elections and for the military’s general business war, so that the people can be mentally prepared before the future events.

He warned that under no circumstances would they allow Pashtun land to be used again for dollar wars and political and strategic engineering.

Manzoor Pashteen said that the results of the past 20 years of military operations are that the military generals have given mansions to big commanders like Ehsanullah Ehsan and others, and facilitated their escape, while more than 200,000 homes, dozens of markets, complete villages, over 80,000 martyrs, millions of wounded and disabled Pashtuns, control over resources, thousands of missing persons, landmines, bad governance, target killing, kidnapping for ransom, and countless other disasters have been inflicted upon them.

Manzoor Pashteen said that these dramas must come to an end, the situation needs to be fixed by closing the five checkpoints and then destroying Pashtuns in the name of peace operations, looting their resources, and using the same name for oppression, discrimination, and atrocities. He demanded the release of missing persons, the clearance of landmines, and the provision of basic facilities to the affected areas.

It should be noted that a meeting of the National Security Committee of Pakistan was held recently. A ‘comprehensive operation’ against terrorism was approved in the meeting.

The 41st meeting of the National Security Committee was held at the Prime Minister’s House on Friday. Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif chaired the meeting in which federal ministers, chairman joint chief of staff committee, service chiefs and senior officials of related institutions participated.

According to the statement issued at the end of the meeting, ‘as a result of the soft corner and reckless policy with the TTP, the terrorists were not only allowed to return without hindrance, but the dangerous terrorists of the TTP were given confidence. He was also released from prisons in the name of Sazi.

The statement said that the meeting emphasized on comprehensive national security in which the relief of the people was given the central position and informed the forum that the government was taking steps in this regard.

In the meeting, it was approved to start the all-round comprehensive operation. This comprehensive, all-round and comprehensive operation to eliminate the scourge of all forms and types of terrorism from Pakistan will also include efforts at political, diplomatic security, economic and social levels. In this regard, a high-level committee has also been formed which will make recommendations regarding its implementation and its limitations in two weeks.

According to the statement, the successful operation of Moqtadar Intelligence Agency in which they arrested the most wanted Baloch independence leader Gulzar Imam alias Shambe was greatly appreciated in the meeting.

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