Pashtuns will not buy Pak Army’s Dollar Jihad & Dollar Islam: Dr Said Alam Mahsud

Pak army behind terrorist attacks
Dr. Said Alam Mahsud (Photo: News Intervention)

Peshawar bomb blasts have cleared the air for Pashtuns and they are now loudly proclaiming that Pakistan Army is their biggest tormentor. A day after Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) founder Manzoor Pashteen squarely blamed the Pak Army for Peshawar bomb blasts, another senior PTM leader Dr Said Alam Mahsud singled out Pak Army and its generals for filling their coffers over the dead bodies of Pashtuns. A pediatrician by profession Dr Said Alam did not mince words in his latest vlog and said that it is the “uniform” that’s behind terrorism in Pashtun lands. Across Pashtunistan reference to “uniform” clearly means Pakistan Army.

Pashtun leader Mahsud went on to say that the CTD drama in Bannu or the bombs used in devastating bomb blast inside the mosque in Peshwar’s police line mosque have all been brought by no one but the Paki regime. He said “You need our bodies again to fill your coffers. Then you will sell Jihad, sell Islam and fight a new war.” He further said, “but now we will not allow this to happen, be deceived in the name of dollar Islam and dollar Jihad.”

Addressing the Pakistan Army generals, he said that Islam and Jihad will not be bought by Pashtuns anymore. He warned that if the Pak Army does not stop this genocide then they would be exposed from head to toe in front of the whole world and that the world will come to know and realise that that there is “no Taliban, no terrorist, no Sipah Sahaba, no Jaish Muhammad, it is all you [Pak Army]. This [Pakistan] is a terrorist state!”

Video: Dr. Syed Alam Masood, pediatrician and senior PTM leader, blames Pakistan Army for Peshawar bomb blast and using terrorism as a weapon against Pashtuns.

Dr. Mahsud opined that the Pakistan Army generals say that they have wiped out terrorists and cleared the areas, but the fact is that they have instead destroyed Pashtun houses by taking away their belongings and have also destroyed the markets. He accused the Pakistani regime of providing a covert safe haven to terrorists while all these years the subservient Pakistani media said that the “Pakistan Army is brave and they have wiped out the terrorists”.

Dr Said Alam Mahsud further explained that Pakistan is in a financial crisis, the dollars are gone and it’s General Bajwa, General Faiz Hameed and Barrister Saif who have brought back these terrorists from their hideouts. They are all behind these terrorist attacks, he said.

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