Pervez Domki stands up to Pak Army, attains martyrdom

Pervez Domki attained martyrdom while fighting valiantly with the Pakistani forces at Sibi in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan on Tuesday. Pervez Domki was from the Baloch Republican Guards (BRG) who continued to fight even after Pakistani soldiers had taken his mother into custody and were using her as a pawn to force him to surrender.

As a true Baloch freedom fighter Pervez Domki chose to fight. He killed several soldiers of the Frontier Corps (FC), including one officer, and injured several others. The desperate Pakistanis, in a display of blatant barbarism, killed Domki’s mother in cold blood.

The Pakistani Frontier Corps personnel who were killed by Pervez Domki include SM Rana Muhammad Aslam, while the injured include Major Anwar Kamal and Hawaldar Rehmatullah, among others.

The Pakistani military officials started this operation on a tip-off in Loni area of ​​Sibi when they encircled Domki’s house and took his mother into custody.

A spokesman for the Baloch Republican Armed Forces (BRG), said in his media statement that the BRG’s regional commander Pervez Jan Domki was engaged in a battle in Loni Sibi with the occupying Pakistani forces. “Pervez Domki attained martyrdom along with his mother after a long resistance.”

The BRG spokesman added that in a historic resistance Commander Pervez Domki killed several Pakistani personnel, including a senior officer of the enemy army. “When he ran out of bullets he followed the Baloch philosophy of last bullet and shot himself, rather than let the Pakistanis capture him alive.”

Shaheed Pervez Domki had been associated with the Baloch national armed resistance since 2013. Domki had carried out several successful attacks on the occupying enemy in and around Sibi Jaffarabad. He was a successful civilian guerrilla soldier. Considering his abilities, he was appointed as the Regional Operational Commander five years ago. Until his martyrdom, he continued to fulfill his responsibility in the best possible way. BRG paid heartfelt tributes and saluted him for his supreme sacrifice.

“We want to make it clear that during this battle the occupying Pakistani forces had arrested Pervez Jan Domki’s mother and shot her dead after they could not force Domki to surrender and their soldiers continued to fall to Domki’s bullets. This only shows the insanity of the occupying Pakistani forces,” explained the spokesman of Baloch Republican Guards (BRG).

The central spokesperson of Baloch National Movement (BNM) termed the Pakistani barbarism in Sibi as a continuation of its barbaric act and inflicting collective punishment on innocent Baloch people. BNM said that the mother of Baloch activist Shaheed Pervez Domki was taken into custody and martyred during the military operation in Loni Sibi.

“By infiltrating Balochistan, Pakistani soldiers are violating Baloch values. In a society where women are highly respected, such brutality is tantamount to defying Baloch traditions. Pakistan Army will be held accountable for all these crimes,” added the central spokesperson of BNM.

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