PM Modi exposes Congress lies in his reply to No Confidence Motion

P.M. Modi (Photo: PTI)

For the second time in nine years, the BJP ruled government under PM Modi is facing a no-confidence motion. Although, the fate of the motion was already known to everyone, the timing of its introduction was crucial, as the opposition boasted of a unification under I.N.D.I.A. The burning issue of Manipur has also been a challenge for the government. In all of this, the most awaited moment was the speech of Prime Minister Modi on the no-confidence motion, which rocked the Parliament house today.

On Manipur

During his entire speech, Prime Minister Modi took a dig at the Congress. He said that had the opposition really wanted to discuss Manipur, his government could have had a detailed discussion separately. Blaming erstwhile Congress governments for Manipur, PM Modi said, “Whose government was there in Manipur when everything used to happen according to the wishes of insurgent organisations? Whose government was there in Manipur when Mahatma Gandhi’s picture was not allowed in government offices, whose government was there in Manipur when the decision to not allow the national anthem in schools was taken? Their (opposition) pain is selective. They cannot think beyond politics . . .” He went on to say that Congress has never tried to understand the ethos of north-east India and that the region needs dedication and not just data.

Promise of Peace In Near Future

In line with the above issue, PM Modi promised peace in the near future. He said, “Efforts are underway by the Centre, state government to punish the accused in Manipur. I want to assure the people of the country that there will be peace in Manipur in the near future.”

Along with Manipur, PM Modi also raised questions on Congress & the unfortunate Air Force attack in Mizoram in 1956. He said, “On 5th March 1956, Congress carried out attacks through Air Force on the innocent people of Mizoram. The state still cannot forget that pain.”

While he was replying to the no-confidence motion, Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi left the house as opposition staged a walk out. To which, PM Modi replied that they want to speak but cannot listen. He went on to criticize the Congress by saying, “Nothing is Congress’ own, from its poll symbol to ideas, everything has been borrowed from someone else. Congress adopted a flag similar to the national tricolour to add credibility, they also ‘stole’ Gandhi surname for gains. Congress has snatched the rights of stalwarts like B.R. Ambedkar, Jagjivan Ram, Chandra Shekhar.”

Leader of Opposition

PM Modi also raised question on no speech of the Leader of Opposition. He said, “During this no-confidence motion, we saw something bizarre. The name of the Leader of Opposition was missing from the list of those who would speak during the no-trust motion.” Taking a jibe at Congress regarding this he said, “I don’t know what was the compulsion of Congress for sidelining Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, maybe he received a call from Kolkatta”.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi also targeted Rahul Gandhi and said, “I can understand the troubles of Congress. For years, they have been launching a failed product. The launch fails every time. The result is that their hatred for voters has reached its peak. The launch fails and they harbour hatred for voters. But the PR team propagate ‘Mohabbat ki dukan’. That is why, people of the country are saying, ‘Ye hai loot ki dukan, jhooth ka bazaar’…” Also, he made an indirect attack on Rahul Gandhi by saying that some people want to tarnish our image at the global level but the world knows the truth and will not be misled.

He also spoke on the country’s development and said that proper planning and hardwork has taken the country to new heights and that government programmes like Swachh Bharat have helped the country immensely.He asked the opposition to bring no-confidence motion again in 2028 when India would be the third largest economy in the world.

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