POB: Family protests against forced marriage of minor girl in Khuzdar

Khuzdar's Fight Against Forced Minor Marriage
Family Protests (Photo - X)

In a passionate display of distress and determination, a family has taken to the streets outside the Assistant Commissioner’s office in Naal, Khuzdar, Pak-occupied Balochistan demanding justice for their daughter, Samreena, who has been forcibly married to Younus Hassan, a former Education Officer and SST teacher from Girisha.

The family says that Hassan, exploiting his role as an educator, kidnapped 14-year-old Samreena from the Girisha area, under the pretense of offering her educational opportunities. Instead, he forced her into marriage without her consent. Despite their relentless efforts, an official First Information Report (FIR) is yet to be filed by the police, even though an application for it has been submitted by the distressed family.

The incident initially gained public attention after a press conference at the Khuzdar Press Club, but shockingly, coverage of the event mysteriously disappeared from the club’s social media platforms. Reportedly, Younus Hassan has significant local influence as he is backed by some individual who has affiliation with the Army. Therefore, he suppressed the press conference coverage.

Baloch Nightmare

Bassaran, Samreena’s mother, revealed the heartbreaking circumstances in a video statement, emphasizing her daughter’s tender age and the deceptive tactics used by Hassan. “My daughter, only fourteen, was promised education but was instead forcibly married”, she disclosed, expressing the betrayal she felt from initially trusting Younus due to his familial ties.

Recent updates reveal that Samreena Baloch is currently in the custody of a tribal chief in Khuzdar, while Younus Hassan is reportedly being held by the police at an undisclosed location. Expressing dissatisfaction, Bassaran criticized the decision to place her daughter in the chieftain’s custody and has now turned to the public, appealing for support in securing Samreena’s safe return.

In Pakistan, these incidents are painfully too common. They show that the Baloch community has been living a nightmare, facing not only enforced disappearances and indiscriminate shootings but also a kill-and-dump policy. Unfortunately, their women and children are not safe either. As life in this resource-rich region descends from bad to worse, the world watches in silence.

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