POGB leader accuses Pak Army and Chinese businessmen of diving the region

pogb protest
Nawab Khan Naji (Photo: News Intervention)

In a significant development, the caravan of Anjuman Tajran led by Nawaz Khan Naji from Ghakuch , Ghizar and Awami Action Committee Punial joined the ongoing protest at Gilgit Ittehad Chowk. The caravan is one amongst many, coming from across the POGB. These convoys including thousands of people are converging into Gilgit to mark the biggest protest demonstration for their rights. The protest in POGB is taking the shape of a movement as the protest is unprecedented and historically the biggest protest in more than 75 years.

A day earlier, Nawab Khan Naji addressed the crowd during a protest in Ghakuch and emphasized the broader goal beyond wheat prices, stating, “We have to work so that not only wheat but the agricultural lands, mountains, and seas come under our rightful control.” He denounced the Pakistani establishment, alleging, “This is not only a matter of wheat; these mountains have been divided by the Pak Army generals and Chinese businessmen among themselves.”

Nawab Khan Naji criticized the leasing practices in POGB, asserting, “Any lease provided in POGB is either given to retired Pakistan Army generals or Chinese businessmen.” Affirming their commitment to the cause, he declared, “POGB will snatch their mountains from the Pakistan Army and Chinese businessmen.”

Nawab Khan Nazi’s statement falls in line with the Charter of Demands put forward by the Awami Action Committee. The committee has made it clear that they would not succumb to the latest notification and would continue their struggle until all the POGB’s rights are given.

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