POGB: Protestors give stern warning to the Pak-backed occupying government

Protest in POGB
Protests In Pak-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan (Photo: Social Media)

The number of days of protest in Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan (POGB) are increasing and so is the aggressiveness of the protestors. Since past 21 days, people across POGB are raising their voices for the basic amenities crucial for their survival. But neither the occupying government has taken cognizance of the protests, nor the media has given it a due share in mainstream media reporting. Accordingly, the voice of protest is becoming fiercer. In one such incident, stern warning was given to the establishment and the occupying government. One of the speakers at the protest no one could bring them down. He said, “neither any minister could bring us down nor the establishment could bring us down. On the contrary, we would bring you down.”

Warning the occupying government, the speaker said, “I have said it earlier, saying it now and would aways say this; if the wheat issue is not solved or if the health card issue is not solved, we will solve your assembly dispute.” He went on to say, “We will destroy your assembly.” Notably, POGB is a disputed territory which is under the control of Pakistan. So, the statement serves as a clear warning to the Pakistani establishment that if the wheat crisis is not solved, people of POGB have the right to decide the constitutional fate of the region.

Calls of revisiting 1947 status

In a similar tone, earlier Shia scholar Sheikh Mirza Ali had also warned Pakistan. He had said that if Pakistan can’t provide subsidy, then it should come to negotiations of 1947, clearly signaling towards Pakistan’s control of POGB.

Notably, it has been months that Pakistan occupied Gilgit Baltistan (POGB) is protesting over the increase in wheat prices. The abolition of health cards, long power cuts, and imposition of fresh and increased taxes under finance Act 2023 further agitated the people across the region. Since December 26, these protests took shape of a movement. While Pakistan and its puppet government in POGB are using force to stop the protests and deter the protestors, people are more aggressively raising their voice. With each passing day the protestors’ remarks are becoming sharper showing the restlessness of the people.  But Pakistan Army is busy imposing Section 144, inclusion of protestors in Schedule 4, equating them with terrorist.

These measures of Pakistan would surely end up in making things troublesome for it’s authoritarian establishment.

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