POGB residents burn Pak Army owned SIM cards in protest over poor service

protest in pogb
POGB people burning SCO SIM cards (Photo: X)

Pakistan occupied Gilgit-Baltistan once again witnessed boils over the telecom network problem. In the latest development people from Diamer district publicly set ablaze the Pak Army owned SCO SIM cards over the banned 4G services. People demanded the immediate restoration of 4G services and network. They hurled slogans saying, “Bahaal karo, bahaal karo, 4G bahaal karo”. (Reinstate 4G services).

Notably, this is not the first instance that people have expressed anger and resentment over the non-availability of network. Earlier in February 2024, about 150 youths from Darel performed similar act to protest the weak signal and hefty prices.

Special Communication Organisation (SCO) is owned by Pakistani establishment and is the sole telecom service provide in the region, leaving people at their mercy. By having a sole proprietorship in telecom sector, Pakistan uses its upper hand to monitor and disseminate the information it likes, keeping people manipulated.

Essentially, this development comes at a time when Pakistan has acknowledged that it has kept social media sites down since the arrest of Imran Khan. Although, it cited national security as the reason, the reality is obvious. Pakistan is well known for curbing the voice of dissent and fears the aware population so it keeps them under restrictions. The SCO SIM is the latest example of that.

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