POJK: Joint Awami Action Committee calls for long march to Muzaffarabad

Long march pamphlet of Joint Awami Action Committee (Photo: X).

The Joint Awami Action Committee of Pakistan occupied Jammu and Kashmir has announced to carry out a long march in pursuit of its struggle for the rights of the region. The long march has been announced for May 11 from Bhimber to the POJK puppet assembly in Muzaffarabad.

The Joint Awami Action Committee has envisaged the long march as history maker towards public oriented law. The committee, through its call for long march has called out the puppet regime to either give rights to the people or give up the power.

Furthermore, the committee has also called upon people to come out of their homes on May 11 and join the struggle in as large numbers as possible. It is worth mentioning that since more than six months, people across POJK are protesting against the Pakistani subjugation and the absolute suspension of human rights.

Struggle around Charter of Demand

They have put forward a Charter of Demands, demanding their fulfillment. Earlier, when the Charter of Demand was released, people from across POJK and from all walks of life held a massive and unprecedented protest against high taxes, load shedding, electricity price hike, wheat flour scarcity among others.

The brutal Pakistani and local puppet regime resorted to power and coercion but the resolute of the people, remained unwavering. For over six months, Kashmiris have boycotted the electricity bills which they often use to make paper boat and float in river or take out their funeral procession as a symbolic protest.

As past protests have shown, the issue of Charter of Demand has converted the sporadic protests into a movement. These protests saw participation and unification of stakeholders like never before. In the last 76 years of occupational history of POJK, this has become the most expansive and participatory protest.

And therefore, the long march to the puppet Assembly with a demand to either give rights or give up power makes it evident that Pakistan is not only facing a rights movement but also a challenge to its occupation if it continues to sideline the matter that are of utmost importance to the people of POJK.

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