POJK: Pak forces crack down on protestors in Mirpur & Muzaffarabad demanding basic rights

pojk protest
Protest at Mirpur, POJK (Photo: News Intervention)

Reports from Mirpur and Muzaffarabad paint a grim picture of unrest as people take to the streets defying Pak imposed dictates of Section 144 and heavy police repression. Dozens of youths were subjected to violence and arrests in Mirpur to which, people resorted to heavy stone pelting on the police, sparking fierce protests at Chowk Shaheeda.

Similar scenes unfolded in Muzaffarabad, where Pakistan police personnel resorted to tear gas to disperse protestors. Disturbing visuals from the aite show Pak forces openly blazing guns against the peaceful protestors. Reports indicate that even the house of native Kashmiris were targetted in firing.

Additionally, to quell the protests, Pak forces have resorted to foul play, as evidenced by visuals recorded by the families of Awami Action Committee leaders. These recordings depict officials breaking into homes without permission, instilling fear among children and harassing women.

The root cause of these protests lies in the longstanding grievances of the people of POJK, who are demanding basic rights such as access to food, electricity, and a fair share of income from their lands. However, Pakistan’s continued neglect of their demands and illegal control for over the past 75 years has only fueled anger among the populace.

As tensions escalate and protests persist, the situation in Mirpur and Muzaffarabad remains volatile.

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