POJK: Protesters demand release of Long March detainees

POJK arrests
Protests of POJK (Photo - X)

In Pakistan-occupied Jammu and Kashmir (PoJK), the public protests demanding the release of individuals detained during the long march by Pak security forces have intensified.

In a tumultuous turn of events on May 11, clashes erupted between protesters and Frontier Corps (FC) forces, leaving dozens injured on both sides.

The protests, which began in Pilandri and culminated in Kotli, saw demonstrators marching to demand the release of detainees arrested during the long march.

Earlier in May, FC forces resorted to gunfire, tear gas shelling, and stone pelting to disperse the protesters. In Mirpur, FC personnel disguised in civilian attire incited the mob towards violence, exacerbating the situation.

More than 60 Kashmiri protesters were reportedly injured in the clashes. The protests highlight the growing unrest and frustration among the people of PoJK over issues of forced disappearances, baseless cases and the detention of individuals by the occupied authorities.

The escalating tensions in PoJK have drawn international attention to the human rights situation in the region, with concerns being raised over the excessive use of force by Pakistan security forces and the suppression of dissent.

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