POK leader Habib-ur-Rehman’s house raided, important papers and files stolen

Habib-ur-Rehman, former spokesperson of Jammu & Kashmir Peoples' National Party (JKPNP).
Habib-ur-Rehman, former spokesperson of Jammu & Kashmir Peoples' National Party (JKPNP).

Unknown people raided the house of Kashmir’s leader Habib-ur-Rehman at midnight on 24-25 March at around 2 AM. Habib-ur-Rehman and his family members were not at the residence during this unwarranted raid. The unknown assailants broke the grills of his house and successfully entered his residence located in the Qandeel Colony Garden area of Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). The assailants broke open several cupboards and took away many files and books.

These raiders searched the whole house and scattered books, files and other necessary papers but they did not take away any other chattels with them.

According to local sources, this untoward incident point towards a search operation conducted at the behest of some powerful authorities. It needs to be remembered that a year ago in this same house Habib-ur-Rehman’s family was interrogated and harassed by unknown persons who inquired about Habib-ur-Rehman. The district branch of Jammu and Kashmir People’s National Party had lodged a report with S.P. Bagh thereafter.

It also needs to be noted that in the past similar kind of people had raided the house of missing senior Kashmiri journalist Tanveer Ahmed and had confiscated all of his research work material and personal belongings.

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