POK resident Naveed Majeed was brutally murdered, he didn’t commit suicide

Naveed Majeed with his volleyball trophy at Bagh, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). (Photo: News Intervention)
Naveed Majeed with his volleyball trophy at Bagh, Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK). (Photo: News Intervention)

Naveed Majeed was a young man from Bagh district, an employee of the WAPDA (Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority) and was on duty at the Bagh Grade Station. Naveed had a good family life, participated in social activities and sports. On November 20, Naveed Majeed arrived on duty at the WAPDA office and within a few hours he was killed inside his office. After this heinous murder, Naveed’s body was taken to the hospital and postmortem was done. However, as soon as Naveed Majeed’s body reached hospital, his murder was described as suicide and people started talking about Naveed’s death as a suicide.

The dominance of a select few in our society is such that even hundred percent murder cases are conveniently turned into suicide. We call Naveed’s death as 100% murder because Naveed had a very happy family life who happily participated in social activities, he was a sports lover, he had no economic, social or family issues due to which he would have commit suicide.

Even earlier we had seen that Punjabis at WAPDA (Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority) had slaughtered a local employee from Nendrai Bagh a few years back. That murder was also dismissed with a report that the victim was mentally unbalanced and had committed suicide.

Everyone knows that the real reason for these murders is that the Punjabis do not tolerate a local citizen in WAPDA (Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority). These Punjabis come to our city, kill our citizen and then get a Punjabi to replace him. Naveed has also been killed on this same premise.

During the whole volleyball season since March, and in the Bes Bagla tournament a couple of days earlier, we were together. I knew Naveed from very close quarters. From economic affairs to the family affairs we shared everything with each other, we were unbridled companions in times of sorrow and joy.

On his way to the WAPDA office Naveed used to have his daily breakfast from a nearby shop. On the day of his murder also, he took the breakfast at this same place and later on bought a volleyball from a sports shop in Bagh. Naveed said that if there was a lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic he would pass his time by playing volleyball as he would have nothing else to do. An hour later he was murdered.

Naveed’s body remained in the hospital for about six hours after the murder. Autopsy was done on his dead body, but during this time neither the hospital’s MS (Medical Superintendent) came to the hospital nor the DC (District Commissioner) or the SP (Superintendent of Police) reached the hospital.

It’s surprising that a young citizen of Bagh who was also an employee of WAPDA (Pakistan Water & Power Development Authority) was murdered and yet the Bagh administration along with the hospital’s administration remained completely negligent as if a sheep or goat had died, rather than a human being. Since beginning the police started talking that this was a suicide, an attitude of removing the burden from their head.

We could get Naveed’s body after protests by his family, but we were dismayed by the attitude of the administration regarding Naveed’s murder. We will protest at every possible place if the administration will try to prove that Naveed Majeed committed suicide or if the investigation is not done properly.

Naveed is dead and our collective attitude towards Naveed’s murder has become such that we will bury Naveed, saying that this was Allah’s will and may Allah grant him a high position in heaven. If we do not pressurize the police to investigate the real reasons in Naveed’s death then one day the police will report that this was a suicide.

Earlier also an employee of Nindrai was killed, then last year Hamza Imtiaz and today Naveed has been murdered. If our collective attitude remains the same then we must remember that none of our youth will be safe. Our young people will continue to become victims of the mercenaries and we will continue to bury them and pray.

We urge the administration, DC, SP and the SHO Bagh to put in public domain the FIR and preliminary medical report of Naveed murder case. All the WAPDA employees on duty with Naveed, including the in-charge, should be arrested immediately and brought under investigation, otherwise the youth will protest.

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