Priyanka Gandhi Vadra enters Indian politics

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra.

Priyanka Gandhi Vadra has entered active politics. Yes, you read it right. Priyanka Gandhi, a scion of Nehru-Gandhi family, is the fifth generation from her family to enter active political arena of India. She is the great grand daughter of country’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru, grand daughter of Indira Gandhi and daughter of Rajiv Gandhi. Jawaharlal Nehru’s father, Motilal Nehru was the first person from the family who dabbled into active politics. 

Priyanka Gandhi’s entry into Indian political arena, which comes barely two months ahead of the forthcoming General Elections of India has made the electoral battle interesting. She has been officially assigned as the secretary-in-charge of East Uttar Pradeh (UP). Her taking up charge at the politically crucial UP indicates that Congress is in no mood to let go the 2019 General Elections without giving a tough fight.

In fact, Priyanka’s entry has been a well planned strategy. Political pundits had always talked that Priyanka Gandhi was crucial for Congress Party’s revival. Her lack of experience in active politics, a rather reticent life away from the public eye and a stark resemblance to her grandmother and former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi is expected to work in her favour. Congress strategists understand these nuances and are expected to encash her emotional appeal with the electorate. Her brother and current Congress President Rahul Gandhi understands all of this. He knows his sister could turn the tables in favour of Congress in the upcoming General Elections.

Congress has won Assembly elections in politically crucial Hindi heartland states of Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh. The party is peaking at the right time and so it decided to field Priyanka from the politically crucial UP. She had already been canvassing for her mother Sonia Gandhi at
Raebareli and for her brother Rahul Gandhi at Amethi. Both these constituencies are from UP. And a large section of UP’s electorate knows Priyanka Gandhi as the grand daughter of Indira Gandhi.

UP sends 80 parliamentarians to Lok Sabha, which is maximum for any Indian state and it plays a pivotal role in government formation at New Delhi. In the 2014 General Elections Narendra Modi-led BJP won a total of 71 seats of the 80 from UP. 

The 47 year old Priyanka Gandhi spearheading the party’s affairs in eastern UP will also rub into another politically crucial state Bihar, which sends 40 parliamentarians to the Lok Sabha. BJP had won 22 Lok Sabha seats from Bihar in the 2014 General Elections.

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