Protest at Karachi Press Club for release of Balochistan’s ‘Missing Persons’

Civil society members and relatives of Balochistan's
Civil society members and relatives of Balochistan's "missing persons" protesting at the Karachi Press Club, Pakistan.

Several family members of “missing persons” of Balochistan staged a protest outside the Karachi Press Club along with civil society members on Sunday, demanding the safe release of their loved ones.

The protesters said that their near and dear ones had been picked up by Pakistani security agencies but their whereabouts had not being declared.

This protest was organized by the relatives, civil society members and the colleagues of “missing persons” of Balochistan. They demanded that their loved ones be released and their whereabouts be made known to all.

Among the protesters was Rashid Hussain Baloch’s mother, Mahzaib Baloch and several other relatives of the Sindhi Activists.

Mother of Rashid Hussain Baloch at the Karachi Press Club. She demanded that Pakistani security agencies release her son.

Speaking to reporters, Mahzaib Baloch said, “My uncle Rashid Hussain Baloch had been abducted on false charges from UAE on 26th December 2018.” She said that the officials of UAE detained her uncle without an arrest warrant and they deported him to Pakistan. Mahzaib further demanded that her uncle Rashid Hussain Baloch be produced before court if he was involved in any offence at all.

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