Protestors block road after Pak Army forcefully disappears Baloch student

Enforced disappearance of Baloch student from a passenger bus by the Pak Army
Mehboob (Source: X)

In yet another despicable display of tyranny, the Pak Army has once again unleashed its reign of terror upon the innocent people of Pak-occupied Balochistan.

Recently, the Pak Army abducted a student named Mehboob Baloch from a passenger bus in the Gwadar district of Pak-occupied Balochistan.

Mehboob is a fifth-semester student at Lasbela University of Agriculture, he was merely en route to his hometown Turbat, Kech for a vacation when he was detained by the ruthless Pak Army.

The incident which transpired at the Badok Checkpoint in Pasni tehsil has ignited the Baloch students to block the Makkoran Coastal Highway road in protest, resulting in several passengers’ vehicles being stranded. Their demand is the immediate release of Mehboob and to put an end to the brutality of the Pak Army.

As the world watches, the people of Balochistan are standing strong against the injustices they are facing since the Pak Army forcibly occupied Balochistan on March 27, 1948. Their cries for justice resound throughout the landscapes of Balochistan, becoming more and more insistent as time goes on.

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