Protests across Europe against Pakistan Army’s brutal crackdown on PTM rally

Demonstrations against Pakistani Army's actions
PTM supporters (Photo - News Intervention)

Protests have erupted in Holland, Belgium and Germany against Pakistan Army’s harsh crackdown on the PTM Islamabad rally. Supporters of the PTM movement have raised their voices against the unconstitutional arrests of PTM members, indictments under false charges, and infliction of physical and mental wounds on the peaceful protestors. They have stated that a series of protests will continue for a month in different parts of Europe.

On August 25th, PTM supporters also organized massive protests in Frankfurt against the Pakistan Army to condemn their brutal crackdown and torture of the PTM leaders and activists.

Videos and reports of leaders and protesters being harassed and tortured to the point that they are unable to stand up have resurfaced on social media. This peaceful rally that started on August 18 in Islamabad took a turn when the Pakistan ‘establishment’ launched a violent crackdown. They arrested leaders through unconstitutional means and tormented the activists.

The purpose of the rally was to demand answers from the ‘establishment’ about the atrocities committed by the Pakistan Army against Pashtuns. Several cases of enforced disappearances, extra-judicial killings, and restrictions on speech and movement have been reported.

Recently, Azharuddin, a 13-year-old child in Ladha and 16-year-old Abdul Razza in Jani Khel were killed by security forces. They shot Razza and his body was taken afterward. This is the case in point. Pashtuns are under a brutal regime with no way out; they are fighting back the Paki “establishment”.

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