Protests across Sindh against Pakistan for abducting Sindhi workers

protest in sindh
Protest for missing Sindhi workers. (Photo: news Intervention)

Across Sindh, including Karachi and Hyderabad, protests were held on the first day of Eid demanding the freedom of hundreds of Sindhi workers who were forcibly disappeared by Pakistani forces. Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh and Sindh Sajagi Forum organized a central protest camp in front of the Hyderabad Press Club. Led by Sindhi writer Taj Joyo, central leader of Voice for Missing Persons of Sindh Sohni Joyo, Marvi Kandharu, Sindh Sajagi Forum leader Sarang Joyo, advocate Mohib Azad Leghari, and other political and social workers, the camp saw the participation of families of missing persons, including Ayub Kandharu who has been missing for six years.

Meanwhile, another protest camp was established at the Karachi Press Club by Sindh Sabha leader Inam Sindhi, colleague Asghar Jamali, and uncle Hussain Bakhsh Dahri. The protestors later joined a rally with Baloch Missing Persons, while Sindh Sabha and Jasqam set up additional protest camps in Jamshoro, Kandhkot, and Tando Mohammad Khan to advocate for the freedom of missing persons.

According to the press release, the so-called national and Pakistani media kept missing from the press club due to coverage of the Sindhi Missing Persons protests across Sindh. Therefore, the leaders recorded their protests on the online social media channels. They expressed that they have no hope of justice from the state and its institutions, asserting that the Pakistani state and its agencies are complicit in the forced disappearances of Sindhi workers. The leaders appealed to the United Nations, Amnesty International, and other international human rights organizations to shed light on Pakistan’s suppression of national movements in Sindh and Balochistan and address the state’s heavy-handed operations and human rights abuses in these regions.

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