Protests erupt in POJK amidst skyrocketing inflation

protest in pojk
Protestors in Hujra City ,Poonch for the restoration of subsidies (Photo: News Intervention)

Intense protests by citizens of Hujra city erupted for subsidy restoration. During the protests, citizens expressed strong grievances against the Pakistani government and the unrecognized autonomous administration. Amidst the protests, resounding slogans echoed against skyrocketing inflation, demanding the government to ensure the provision of subsidized flour, as promised on international forums.

Protesters pointed out the stark contrast across the Line of Control, where the Indian government has been providing its residents with affordable food and basic necessities. Meanwhile, under Pakistan’s forceful rule, the region of occupied Jammu and Kashmir is grappling with surging inflation.

Addressing the protesters, organizers issued an ultimatum to the Pakistani government, demanding tangible measures to ensure the provision of subsidized flour. A year ago, a widespread movement was launched to combat inflation and reinstate subsidies in Pakistani-occupied Kashmir. The protests subsided after the government’s assurances, but they said that despite the passage of a year, those promises remain unfulfilled. They further said that if the situation persists, a significant mobilization is anticipated once again.

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