Protests in Gwadar, Awaran against Pak Army atrocities

Baloch protests at Gwadar and Awaran (Jhao). (Photo: News Intervention)
Baloch protests at Gwadar and Awaran (Jhao). (Photo: News Intervention)

Massive protests erupted across Gwadar and at Jhao area of Awaran district in Pakistan-occupied Balochistan (POB) against the atrocities of Pakistan Army that include enforced disappearances, assault on women, bullying, vandalizing houses, harassment and humiliation of people without any valid reason. The protesting people also called a panchayat.

Gwadar is the nodal city of CPEC. The Baloch staged a massive protest against the behavior of Pakistani security forces at Marine Driver Syed Hashmi Yadgar Chowk on Tuesday in this coastal city.

The Baloch citizens said that the Pakistani security personnel resort to regular checks and stop people at their whims due to which they face trouble in their daily activities.

After a scuffle between the citizens and officials, the activists of Haq Do movement reached the spot and stopped traffic on Marine Drive at Gwadar during their protest. As per latest reports the protesters continued to arrive at Marine Drive. The protesters said that Pakistani security forces humiliate Baloch residents in the name of checking their identity cards.

Baloch citizens said that no institution including the police or the FC (Frontier Corps) have the right to harass honorable citizens by randomly stopping them on their way.

On the lines of Gwadar protest, a panchayat was called in the Jhao tehsil of Awaran district in occupied Balochistan against the Pakistani forces for harassing and bullying people without any reason.

In the people’s panchayat, deputy commissioner of Awaran Jamil Ahmed and Brigadier Shamriz of Frontier Corps, Awaran, were asked to present themselves. Other district officials including eminent elderly citizens were also present in the panchayat.

The purpose of calling this panchayat in Jhao was to raise issues of harassment of Baloch. In Jhao the Pakistani security forces forcefully summon Baloch people at their whims, there are enforced disappearances and attacks on the homes of respectable people at night that includes intimidation and bullying while accusing them of financially supporting the Baloch leaders.

Recently, a large number of people in the area conveyed their grievances to Balochistan Awami Party (BAP) leader Abdul Hameed Shaheen and held a conversation with the inept Chief Minister of Balochistan over telephone about the ongoing military aggression in the area and the bullying of the forces.

Eminent people of the region complained about the threat given to Balochistan chief minister Mir Abdul Quddus Bizenjo by the armed forces to leave his home. Even the common people get life threats from forces. They demanded that the Pakistani security forces be sent back to their barracks. “We are not in any danger, therefore we do not need any security and we have been living on our land for centuries,” said a member of the regional council.

He explained that in the name of providing security, this process of robbing our dignity and desecration of homes by the Pakistani security forces should come to a halt.

It should be noted that in Balochistan, the Pakistan Army has adopted a tactic similar to the one deployed in Bangladesh, where they brutally massacred civilians and systematically outraged the modesty of women.

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