Protests in Quetta after a father and son were killed by firing

Quetta protest post the death of a father and son
Father and son who were victims of the firing in Quetta ( Photo: News Intervention)

The increase in crime incidents in Quetta has citizens worried. Two people were killed in a recent shooting allegedly by Rahzani.

Balochistan’s largest city and capital is at the mercy of criminals. Citizens have lost their belongings and other possessions to thieves. In the past month, seven citizens have been killed in these incidents.

On Sunday, two citizens were killed for resisting during a motorcycle robbery on Qambarani Road in Quetta Sariab. Residents of Sariab Road have started protesting by burning tires.

The two people who were killed by firing were Abdul Kareem and Ijaz Ahmed. They were sitting on a motorcycle when they were attacked by the robbers.

The protesters say that the administration and the security authorities are showing incompetence in controlling the law-and-order situation in the city. The city is at the mercy of thieves. The protesters have demanded the Chief Minister to take notice of the incident.

According to the citizens, the incidents of crime in Quetta are increasing day by day. In the past month, seven people have been brutally killed. The lives and property of the residents of Quetta are no longer safe.

The protestors demand that the accused involved in the Qambarani Road incident should be arrested immediately, while the administration should take immediate steps to control the deteriorating situation in the city.

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