PTM extends support to Afghan refugees; 60 lawyers’ panel set up

ptm supports afghans
PTM meeting (Photo: Social Media)

Amdist the crackdown on Afghan civilians by the Pakistan Army, PTM has raised its voice against the ongoing Pak aggression. Recently, Pakistan arrested almost 250 Afghan refugees from Sindh. The operation of repatriating undocumented Afghan civilians was started on September 11. The operation was ruthless and was carried out with an intention to harass the Afghan civilians who can not move back to Afghanistan because of security related concerns.

The abrupt crackdown on the Afghan civilians is the resulting frustration of the Pakistan Army after Chitral violence. Reports suggest that even the children were brutally sacked into custody.

PTM provincial committee leaders along with several workers visited Afghan colony, where the Afghans urged them for protection. PTM leaders extended their support and promised a protest against the brutal and inhumane treatment of the establishment.

Taking immediate action, PTM members convened a meeting and set up a team of 60 lawyers to provide the protection to the Pashtuns and Afghans in every way possible. The team would look into the arrest and detention of any Pashtun and Afghan civilians and would ensure them the legal facilitation, whatsoever required.

Crackdown on Afghan refugees once again exposes the malicious face of Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army and its subsequent government have a specialization in carrying out illegal and extra-judicial atrocities.

The Paki establishment is increasing the intensity of its attack on the Pashtuns and Afghans. In between all this, PTM extending support to Afghan refugees adds another important aspect to the movement to deal with the inhumane Pakistan Army.

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