PTM joins the Long March against Baloch genocide from Quetta

PTM joins long march rally
Noor Bacha, Provincial President PTM (Balochistan)

After the arrest of PTM Chief Manzoor Pashteen, PTM has actively launched a campaign demanding his immediate release. Recently, Provincial President of PTM (Balochistan), Noor Bacha along with other Pashtun activists and leaders reached Quetta and joined the Long March against “Baloch Genocide.” The march reached Quetta from Turbat on December 12.

While talking to media, he said that PTM chief Manzoor Pashteen had announced to visit Turbat protest. While he was enroute to participate in Turbat, the police abruptly attacked his car and convoy. After the indiscriminate firing, he was arrested illegally.

He said, “As he wanted to participate in Turbat protest and raise his voice against the Baloch genocide, our PTM leadership has decided that we will complete the mission of our leader Manzoor Pashteen.”  He reiterated that PTM stands with Baloch Solidarity Committee (BYC) and supports their demands.

Noor Bachaa went on to say that for the last five months a ban has been enforced over Manzoor Pashteen’s travel to Pak-occupied Balochistan. He elucidated that Pashtun and Baloch are persecuted communities and Pakistan suppresses their voice, their rights are being violated and the brutality is at its peak. Despite all this, the Generals of GHQ are purchasing properties abroad. Since Manzoor Pashteen raises these issues and voices for the rights of persecuted communities, he was banned to come to Pakistan occupied Balochistan. They fear that the oppressed communities will stand by Manzoor Pashteen and become unstoppable. And that is why, as soon as Pashteen started moving towards Balochistan, all checkposts between Chaman and Quetta were sealed, and a large number of security forces were deployed. When they saw Pashteen they opened fire on him and arrested him.

Pakistan is trying to keep communities isolated

He stated that the establishment works on the policy of keeping the oppressed communities isolated. Because they know that if these communities start working together, then they will fight with full strength against the Pakistani tyranny and would go to any extent.

Accordingly, he asked all the communities be it Sindhis, Baloch or Pashtun, to unite and give a tough fight for the rights of people. Talking about the interim CM of Pak-occupied Balochistan Jan Achakzai, Noor Bachaa said that he is not competent, and he is in office for merely three months. He challenged Achakzai to sit with Pashtun leaders and address their problem, saying “we will send our representatives who will raise our issues. And if we do not give proof of every bomb blast, every missing Pashtun, Baloch and Sindhi, and every extra judicial killing, we are ready to be hanged at any square.”    

As of now, PTM has joined the long march against Baloch genocide in its second phase, where the march is proceeding from Quetta to Islamabad.

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