Qari Huzaifa rapes a 10 year old student at Pakistani madrasa

The 10 year old boy was raped by Qari Huzaifa at Khanewal's Jamiat al-Habib madarsa in Pakistan. (Photo: News Intervention)

Qari Huzaifa and his partner have raped a 10-year-old student at Khanewal’s Jamiat al-Habib madrasa in Pakistan’s Panjab province, and in order to hide this heinous crime all talk against this sexual assault has been dubbed as an “attack on Islam” and a “plot against madrassas”.

The religious community of the madrasa is worth analyzing, especially in the context of this incident. When the rape at Jamiat al-Habib madarasa was reported, the victim was quickly branded as a concealed atheist or Qadiani by members of the religious community at the Khanewal madrasa. Instances of sexual intercourse in schools and colleges were cited as justification in response to this horrific rape against a ten year old boy. The Islamic religious community demanded that people who talk about the Khanewal rape incident should first speak out against sexual relationships that takes place in schools and universities, otherwise, they will be labeled as hypocrites.

Incidents of rape by clerics at madrasas are particularly concerning because the rape accused at madrasas are offered all kinds of help by religious elite, they are fully supported, and after a while, these rape accused are seen giving religious lectures elsewhere. The increasing trend of rape in madrasas is dangerous, and people should never send their children to residential madrasas until the Islamic religious community stops shielding these rape accused.

There are now schools where students can learn to read and memorize the Quran. Instead of the madrasas, children can be educated in such institutions until Islamist leaders openly come out against the rape accused in madrasas.

Interestingly, in order to avoid such issues, nowadays several parents invite Islamic clerics and qaris to their homes to teach Quran to children but these pervert maulvis do not hold themselves back. Even at a child’s home these qaris and maulvi’s find some way to have sexual relations with children.

Several Muslims say that these clerics, maulvis and qaris must be completely prohibited from entering the home in the name of teaching the Quran in order to protect children from these sexual predators. Of course, not all clerics and maulvis are same, but nobody knows when a cleric’s or maulvi’s sexual desires will surface and they sexually assault a gullible child. The reason for sexual perverseness in mullahs is sexual suffocation. They are suffocating because, owing to the issue of eye protection, they cannot look at women, and yet they desire to be in the company of women. The result is intense sexual suffocation, and if this suffocation does not find a proper route, they start fantasizing about women and/or force themselves on any available girl/young boys. They begin to perceive every youngster as a toy to be enjoyed which leads to rapes, like the unfortunate incident at Khanewal’s Jamiat al-Habib madrasa in Pakistan.

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