Quack Richard Dawkins targets Hinduism

Richard dawkins ridicules pm modi
Screengrab of Richard Dawkin's social media post (Photo: Social Media)

British biologist Richard Dawkins has made a highly contentious tweet on Hinduism and PM Modi, following the decision by NCERT to remove the periodic table from the syllabus of class 10.

Recently, NCERT had altered syllabus for all classes and subjects based on recommendations from an expert committee. As part of that, chapters pertaining to the periodic table and the theory of evolution were omitted for class X.

Richard quoted a news article of ‘Why Evolution is True’ in his tweet, stating, “Modi’s BJP is a tragic affront to India’s secular origins. Hinduism is at least as ridiculous as Islam. Between them, these two idiotic religions have betrayed the ideals of Nehru and Gandhi.”

His statement exemplifies his intense aversion towards PM Modi and Hinduism. It disparages Hindus and their beliefs, blatantly infringing upon their inviolable fundamental rights.

Furthermore, the statement showcases a lack of factual comprehension, which is unexpected from a knowledgeable biologist. It should be duly noted that NCERT has not completely removed the topics from the curriculum; instead, the topics has been relocated to the class XI and XII syllabus.

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