Radical Islamists targets Gurudwara and dishonours Gurugranth Sahib in Sindh

gurudwara attacked in sindh
Gurudwara in Sukkur (Representative Photo)

A Gurudwara in Sukkur, Sindh has become the new target of radical Islamists. While they commonly target Hindus and their daughters, this time they targeted a Gurudwara. They broke into the Gurudwara in order to disrupt the ongoing Kirtan. They resorted to coercion, and dishonoured the Gurugranth Sahib, a sacred scripture of Sikhism. The perpetrators also threatened the devotees and attempted to prevent religious events from taking place. In a video message, one of the devotees raised questions about the Pakistani constitution by quoting the ideas of Muhammad Ali Jinnah. He questioned whether this was the same Pakistan where Quaid-e-Azam had stated that everyone would be free to practice their religion.

Despite the threatening environment, authorities have not registered any complaint against the accused. In recent times, Sikhs have become increasingly susceptible to violent attacks throughout Pakistan. Just a couple of days ago, two Sikhs were shot within a 24-hour period in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, resulting in one fatality. These events demonstrate the consistent threat of persecution faced by religious minorities in Pakistan.

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