Rahul Gandhi chooses foreign land for his vicious attack on PM Modi

rahul gandi in the US
Rahul Gandhi (Photo: News Intervention)

Rahul Gandhi has once again abandoned moral grounds to launch an attack on Prime Minister Modi from foreign soil.

Rahul Gandhi’s “Mohabbat ki Dukan”

During his six-day visit to the United States, Gandhi arrived in San Francisco on 30 May. In California, he met with the Indian diaspora and addressed an event titled “Mohabbat ki Dukan”.

In his address, Gandhi not only targeted the BJP and RSS but also resorted to mocking the Indian Prime Minister, labelling him a mediocre individual who believes he knows everything. He went so far as to claim that there are people in India who think they possess more knowledge than even God. Referring to Modi, Gandhi stated, “They could sit down with God and have a conversation, explaining to Him what is going on. And of course, our Prime Minister is one such specimen.” He also dismissed the installation of the Sengol in the new Parliament as a mere drama.

The event was actually organized by the Indian Overseas Congress USA, the foreign arm of the Indian National Congress. It is worth noting that the organization’s chairperson, Sam Pitroda, is known for making statements against Indian unity. Interestingly, every such politically motivated foreign visit by Gandhi is hosted by a group of Congress darbaris who seek to please their prince. These individuals create an echo chamber on foreign soil, allowing the Congress prince to deliver speeches and lectures against the country. This entire process is driven by a desire to counter Prime Minister Modi, who is treated with utmost respect.

Politically motivated visit targeting PM Modi

At present, Prime Minister Modi is receiving accolades globally. As a reformist and visionary leader, he has elevated the country to new heights, earning international recognition for himself and India. His recent visits to Australia and Papua New Guinea serve as testament to his achievements.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi remains a wasted leader, having been disqualified from Parliament due to a conviction in a defamation case. His sole objective seems to be maintaining relevance in politics. To this end, he frequently visits foreign countries and unleashes venomous attacks against the Prime Minister. In doing so, he demonstrates a disregard for the well-being of the nation and its values, as witnessed during his visit to the United Kingdom, where he criticized Indian democracy and called for intervention from the US and UK. In addition, Rahul Gandhi’s labelling of the Sengol installation as a drama speaks volumes about his lack of respect for the nation and the Parliament.

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