Rahul Gandhi’s vicious ideas to subvert Indian democracy to establish ‘democracy’

Rahul Gandhi (Photo:PTI)

Despite many court cases pending against him, including the multi-crore National Herald, Rahul Gandhi was allowed to travel abroad without imposing genuine restrictions on him. It is said that he holds three passports, one each from India, UK and Italy, obviously under different names. According to Indian law, an Indian citizen cannot hold more than one passport.  The immigration office knows he holds three passports. Despite violating the rules, he was allowed to travel abroad.

The government emphatically says that all citizens are equal before the law. But Rahul Gandhi has not been treated under the law of the land. It means that the government concedes that Rahul is above the law, and has to be given a treatment different from ordinary citizens of India. What could be the reason for that? First, he is descended from a historic family that has a long history of service to the nation first as freedom fighters and next as administrators. In addition to it, the house has made two major sacrifices in the shape of the assassination of its two prime ministers.

This is a fairly strong claim based on which Rahul Gandhi can ask and get concessions. But the point is that his father and grandmother died protecting the interests of the country. They made the sacrifice of their lives to protect India’s sovereignty and solidarity, to protect Indian civilization and democratic traditions as they embodied all that India boasts about. They are martyrs.

These and other martyrs would find peace in their souls if their scion could understand the greatness of Indian civilization and its values and contribute to the golden fund of her history. The foremost of all the good things which his ancestors upheld at the cost of their lives was the democratic system of India, something which Rahul Gandhi has been trying to demolish.

At least five states of India are ruled by Congress, the party to which Rahul belongs, and still he says that democracy is dead in India. In his speeches, he very confidently says that his party will emerge victorious in the 2024 parliamentary elections in India. This is a contradiction in terms. If in his opinion democracy is dead, how does he expect his party to emerge victorious in the impending election? It simply means he wants to degrade and disparage the roots of democracy that were laboriously nourished by his ancestors. To them, he is a pariah. One who disgraces and undermines the contribution of his ancestors does not enjoy any respect from the Indian nation.

The worst is that he chooses to defame and denigrate his native country not only on its soil but also in foreign countries also while on a visit. In London, he said that he was not allowed to speak in the parliament and that his microphone was blocked. But he forgets that on his behest other parties on the opposition benches disrupted scores of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha sessions umpteenth times by creating a ruckus in the house or proceeding on strikes and boycotts. He was instrumental in dissuading the opposition parties to reject the Prime Minister’s invitation to attend the function of the opening ceremony of the new building for the Indian parliament.  Imagine the level of hatred Rahul Gandhi carries in his heart against Prime Minister Modi that he does not even have an iota of respect for the nation that joyously celebrated a great occasion of throwing open a new parliament house with all ultra-modern facilities and accessories.

In London, he lamented the “death of Indian democracy” and in the USA he accepted the hospitality of at least nine Muslim organizations with members and functionaries connected closely with terrorist groups in Pakistan. Among his audience at various places in the US, mostly anti-India American Muslims were the participants. The American Muslims are the Muslims from Pakistan and Kashmir who have earned American citizenship and have been taking an active part in collecting huge funds for transfer to such terrorist organizations in Kashmir as are training terrorists for operations in the Indian part of Kashmir. The agenda for Rahul’s foreign trips, including that of the USA, is drawn by ISI and operated by the Pakistani Americans active in the US.

Compare the role of Rahul’s grandmother Indira Gandhi and his own vis-a-vis Pakistan and you will find that Rahul is the antithesis of Indira Gandhi. He should have read the biography of Indira Gandhi and understood where our national interests lie.

Secrecy and non-transparency have been the hallmark of the Nehru dynasty. Nehru secretly added Article 35-A to the Indian Constitution. Indira Gandhi hid her infatuation with the Mughal rulers of India. Rahul Gandhi usually never discloses any information about his trips abroad; when and where he goes, whom he meets, what transpires between him and his hosts or the itinerary of his travels abroad. He said he was going on a pilgrimage to Mansarovar but he crossed over and went to China and had secret meetings with the Chinese intelligence sleuths and leaders. As an outstanding leader of an important political party of which he was the president also for some time, it behoves his dignity to tell his nation where he goes and whom he meets and what transpires.

For example, news published in an American newspaper with a Washington date line says that Rahul had met with some officials at the State Department. At least the name of one Mir Lu, the Assistant Secretary of State was mentioned by the paper with whom Rahul met. We fully know the antecedents of this official. However, meeting with officials, whether on his request or the invitation by the official, is not any serious matter but the dignity and decency are that he should tweet about it and tell his countrymen, or at least his party men, about his activities. He cannot hide it because the nation needs to be informed of what its leaders are doing. The paper has further informed that Rahul had gone to the White House also. Even the White House did not make any mention of it which is very strange and suspicion-evoking.

We know that the US pretends it is a democratic country and that it cannot stop people from expressing their views. But the US has to understand that it has close relations with India in crucial fields and sensitive matters and that it should politely caution anybody speaking in a manner that would harm good relations between the two countries. It did not. Democrats have a history of having no friendly impression of India and the Biden administration is not different.

Modi government has given full freedom to Rahul Gandhi in using all the filthy language he commands to denigrate the Prime Minister because he cannot digest sitting on the opposition benches. But now is the time that PM Modi should shun all hesitation and cancel his impending visit to Washington arguing that an administration that turns away from stopping his detractors from spreading a false propaganda to undermine his visit must understand the norms of protocol and its moral responsibility. What Rahul wants to do is to destroy Indian democracy and impose a prototype of Mussolini’s regime.

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