Sajid Hussain, Chief Editor Balochistan Times, goes “Missing” in Sweden

Sajid Hussain, Chief Editor Balochistan Times
Sajid Hussain, Chief Editor Balochistan Times

Sajid Hussain, the Chief Editor of Balochistan Times has gone missing since March 2, 2020 from Uppsala, Sweden. The editorial board of Balochistan Times has shared this upsetting news. A formal case has also been filed with the Swedish police on March 3, 2020.

There is no clue about Sajid Hussain’s whereabouts and well being till date. The Swedish police has not shared any progress into the investigations with his family and friends. The entire Baloch diaspora has urged Swedish government to investigate this matter with utmost urgency.

Considering Sajid Hussain’s role as a leading figure in the Baloch media and his reports on the conflict in Balochistan, the Baloch diaspora expressed solidarity with his family about his safety. “Since it is an ongoing investigation, we hope to see progress on this matter soon. We would like to assure Sajid’s family that Balochistan Times stands with them at this uncertain and difficult time. Our team is also ready to offer any assistance the Swedish authorities might need in locating him,” Balochistan Times said in its statement published on its news portal.

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