Section 144 imposed in Pak-occupied Gilgit-Baltistan

section 144 imposed in gilgit baltistan
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In order to ensure a peaceful observance of Muharram, Captain (Rtd) Usama Majeed Cheema, the Deputy Commissioner / District Magistrate of Pakistan- occupied-Gilgit, has issued a ban on certain activities across the district under Section 144 of the Criminal Procedure Code.

The ban encompasses a range of activities deemed potentially disruptive to the serene atmosphere during Muharram. Exciting speeches, the display of all types of weapons, the purchase and sale of weapons or explosives, aerial firing, and the use of firecrackers have all been prohibited. Additionally, gatherings of more than four people in one place, except for funerals, weddings, and Muharram gatherings, will not be allowed. Any constructions along the procession routes have also been banned to ensure the smooth passage of the processions.

Furthermore, Deputy Commissioner Cheema has restricted the entry of religious leaders from other parts of the country into the NOC districts until the conclusion of Chehlum. The ninth and tenth of Muharram will see a ban on motorcycle double riding to enhance safety during the religious observances.

The district magistrate has also enforced a complete prohibition on the use of placards and tape recorders that may offend the sentiments of any sect, group, or political party. He has urged the public to cooperate with the administration by identifying those who violate these orders and supporting efforts to uphold peace and tranquility. Law enforcement officers have been directed to take strict legal action against any individuals or groups found in violation of Section 144.

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