Shaheena Shaheen was murdered by her husband Mehrab Gichki on Lashkar-e-Khorasan’s order

Shahian Shahin, journalist and women rights activist was murdered by her husband Mehrab Gichki on the instructions of Pakistan-sponsored Lashkar-e-Khorasan. (Photo: News Intervention)
Shahina Shahin, journalist and women rights activist was murdered by her husband Mehrab Gichki on the instructions of Pakistan-sponsored Lashkar-e-Khorasan. (Photo: News Intervention)

Shaheena Shaheen, a 28-year-old social activist, journalist and woman rights activist from Makran, was shot twice in a government colony in Turbat, the capital of Kech on September 5. Shaheena’s husband Mehrab Gichki took her to the hospital where she was declared dead. Mehrab Gichki is also the son of Nawabzada Muhammad Amin Gichki and a resident of Shahi Tump.

Mehrab Gichki reached the ‘teaching’ hospital along with a heavily bleeding Shaheena Shaheen but she was dead by then. The doctors said that Shaheena’s death was due to deep wounds and excessive bleeding. After that, Mehrab Gichki left Shaheena’s dead body in the ‘teaching’ hospital and fled.

This teaching hospital in Turbat is a government institution. Police and Frontier Corps (FC) personnel are always on duty and the hospital remains heavily guarded round the clock.

Shaheena Shaheen Baloch recording her video byte for PTV Bolan. Shaheena was also the Editor of Baloch magazine Dajgohar, an artist and women rights activist.

On September 5, when Shaheena Shaheen Baloch’s body was brought to the hospital, two police officers and the Frontier Corps personnel went ahead to investigate the incident according to the information received from the emergency ward. Shaheena’s body was brought to the hospital at 12 noon, but in an attempt to suppress the real cause of her murder and to help the murderer flee from the spot, Shaheena’s body was handed over to her family only in the evening. The main reason for this delay was to give her murderer husband Mehrab Gichki a chance to escape.

Background of Mehrab Gichki

Mehrab Gichki is the grandson of Nawab Bayan Khan — the man who in his greed took unilateral decision about the future of independent state of Makran in favour of Pakistan without consulting the people.

Nawab Bayan Khan was the guardian of Makran. After the formation of Pakistan, he went to Karachi without taking the people into confidence and struck a deal with Pakistan. The Pakistani state has since been paying a monthly stipend to Nawab Bayan Khan’s family and they have a special protocol. Mehrab Gichki, son of Nawabzada Aminullah Gichki and grandson of Bayan, fell in love with Shaheena Shaheen five months ago and married her. After the marriage, Shaheena was told not to talk about it and keep the marriage secret.

Mehrab Gichki is an important member of ISI-backed Death Squad that operates in Turbat, occupied Balochistan.

In PTCL Colony Turbat, a man named Akbar Gichki, who is working as Deputy Director in the PTCL department, is Mehrab Gichki’s closest relative. Mehrab Gichki and Shaheena Shaheen shifted to Akbar Gichiki’s house and stayed at his official residence till Shaheena’s murder.

After her marriage, Shaheena disappeared from public life, her phone numbers were blocked and all her social and art related activities ended. No one knew where was she. Even Shaheena’s mother and sisters in the family were not allowed to contact her even though they were aware of the marriage. According to a source in Shaheena’s family, Mehrab Gichki had strictly forbidden Shaheena and her mother to meet or talk about their marriage and threatened to kill Shaheena’s mother, four sisters and relatives if they talked about the marriage.

The blood of Shaheena Shaheen on her camera. Shahina Shaheen was murdered at Turbat, Balochistan on September 5, 2020.

Mehrab Gichki’s role in Shaheena’s muder

Mehrab Gichki’s first cousin Didag Gichki runs the Death Squad with a famous Maulvi Mufti Shah Mir Aziz. They have training centers near Shahi Temp and Koshkalat where Mufti Shah Mir Aziz and Mullah Ghulamullah recruit and train regularly for Lashkar-e-Khorasan.

Didag Gichki is the state head of Pakistan’s intelligence agency ISI-backed Death Squad and Mehrab Gichki is a key figure in this squad. Mufti Shah Mir Aziz, Maulvi Gulamullah and Didag Gichki are jointly involved in kidnapping and killing Baloch political activists and social activists.

The same network has abducted and killed hundreds of Baloch people, the most famous of which is the kidnapping of exiled political activist Haider KB, who was released three years later. Two of Haider KB’s associates were also abducted by the same Death Squad. At the same time, political activist Abul Hassan Karim Bakhsh was martyred, and the Death Squad group also killed two other activists near Pidarak. Mehrab Gichki is an important member of this group.

Mehrab Gichki stage managed this drama of marrying Shaheena Shaheen to kill her by giving it a color of domestic violence or family honor because according to this group Shaheena’s social activities were secular and unacceptable. Lashkar-e-Khorasan led by Mufti Shah Mir did not consider it appropriate to assassinate Shahina in public and make a big fuss about her death. They thought it was much easier to somehow get Shaheena married to Mehrab Gichki and then eliminate her in the name of domestic violence, as Shaheena was not ready to give up her cause and good work. In fact, Shaheena Shaheen was preparing to provide a platform to talented young girls by holding a grand art exhibition in October, later this year. She had been preparing for the show since February, but had to wait because of the Corona pandemic.

Mehrab Gichki was with his family for two days after Shaheena’s murder, where he regularly met people and talked over phone.
For the next three days, he stayed with his relatives in a village called Shahrak, which lies 25 km east of Turbat. Police were notified about Mehrab Gichki’s presence and yet he was not arrested.

When Shaheena’s family met with district police officer Najib Pendrani and demanded the arrest of the killer, district police officer not only admitted that the killer Mehrab Gichki was very influential but also said that his family’s relationship extends to Iran and Afghanistan and his arrest is not possible.


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