Sindh’s freedom movement against Pakistan gains momentum

Sindhis demanding freedom from Pakistan in the rally on April 25. (Photo: News Intervention)
Sindhis demanding freedom from Pakistan in the rally on April 25. (Photo: News Intervention)

Sindhis are fed up of Pakistani atrocities. Abductions, rapes, murders and enforced disappearances are happening on a daily basis across Sindh at the behest of Pakistan Army. Sindhis have understood that the only way to save them from daily horrors of Pakistani regime is to have a separate homeland, Sindhudesh.

Braving police blockades and barriers set up Pakistani ‘establishment’ the Sindhi men, women and children converged at Sann city in Jamshoro on April 25 to commemorate the death anniversary of Sain (Saint) GM Syed and used the occasion to vent their grievances against Pakistani atrocities. The impromptu rallies and protest marches were marked by loud sloganeering against Pakistani regime and chants for a free Sindhudesh. Sindhi protesters also shouted slogans against forceful abduction of Hindu girls and loot of natural resources in the name of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor).

Sindhi protesters carried large banners that read “Stop Forced Conversion of Sindhi Hindu Girls”, “Stop Disappearance & Genocide of Sindhi and Baloch”, “No China Go China”, “Sindhis reject CPEC corridor”. All Sindhi protesters carried national flag of Sindhudesh.

Sindhis walking with banners to participate in the April 25 rally at Sann city, Jamshoro Sindhudesh. (Photo: News Intervention)

“Mian Mithu is the symbol of evil and provides an easy path for criminals to kidnap young and underage Sindhi girls in the name of Islam and forcibly converts them to Islam. Thereafter he allows these criminals to rape/gangrape those innocent Sindhi girls,” said Suhail Abro Chairman JSFM (Jeay Sindh Freedom Movement).

Abro explained that JSFM convoys from across Sindh reached Sann city– the birthplace of Sain (Saint) GM Syed– resisting state violence and oppression. Thousands of Sindh-loving families along with their children joined the caravan from different cities of Sindh through wagons and buses to commemorate the 28th death anniversary Sain (Saint) GM Syed, founder of modern Sindhi Nationalism.

The central leadership of JSFM stated that Mian Mithu and Pirs of Bharchundi are agents of Pakistani Punjabi establishment and are in Sindh only to harass the Sindhis. JSFM strongly condemned all the evil efforts of these so-called mullahs and their evil accomplices.

JSFM leaders Suhail Abro, Zubair Sindhi, Ghulam Hussain Shabrani and Amar Azadi said in their joint statement that it is time for Sindhis to unite and be ready to face dangerous situation in the near future as Punjabi rule (in Pakistan) is nearing its end. “The Punjabi Pakistan Army will reveal its naked fascist face and if we do not unite it will be a great loss of Sindhi nation in the coming days. We have to follow our leader Sain (Saint) GM Syed’s struggle for the freedom of Sindhudesh as this is the only way to get freedom for Sindhudesh from Punjabis.”

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