Sindhudesh freedom struggle has uncanny similarities with Bangla repression

Bangla refugees during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.
Bangla refugees during the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971.

Sindhudesh freedom movement has several similarities with yesteryear’s freedom struggle for an independent Bangladesh. Some of these similarities are —

National language
Bangla language was ignored in the erstwhile East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The people of East Pakistan (Bangladesh) had repeatedly demanded that Urdu language should not be imposed upon them. Similarly, today the demand of the people of Sindh regarding their language is being completely ignored by Pakistan.

Division of Civil and Military representatives in the Federal Government
There was no Federal Secretary or Pakistan Army General from Bengal. The same is the case today with Sindh.

Ratio of capital generation
75% percent of the Pakistan’s capital was generated from East Pakistan (Bangladesh), while they received only 25% money in return. Today, Sindh generates 65% of Pakistan’s total revenue while they receive only 15%.

Skewed Industrialization
Around 25 industrial facilities from Bangladesh were shifted to Punjab. Similar kind of shifting is also been taking place in Sindh.

Non-representation in Sports
Bangladeshi players were not given a chance in national sports team of Pakistan such as cricket, hockey etc. Similar discrimination is observed in Sindh as well.

There was a Pakistani propaganda against the Bengalis. It was claimed that Bengalis favor India, are not good Muslims and are supported by the RAW. Pakistanis also said that Bengalis’ business is in the hands of Hindus and they are share secret intelligence inputs with India. In the same way Pakistan has been propagating about Sindhis and are trying to establish a narrative that Sindhis are not good Muslims and are Jihadis.

Persecution of Hindus
In East Pakistan, Hindu Bengalis were persecuted and killed often because of the enmity of Pakistan with India by Jamaat Islamist groups who received full support from West Pakistan’s state machinery. Similarly, in Sindh the Pakistanis are carrying out genocide of Sindhi Hindus.

Funding of Madrasas
In Bangladesh a lot of government funds were spent on setting up madrassas, rather than spending on modern education in schools. Today, Pakistan is funding Islamist groups to open more madrassas in Sindh.

There was no Bengali Ambassador from East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) who represented the country abroad. Sindh too has no such representation.

Rigged Elections
After the General Elections of 1970, Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman won with a clear majority, and yet he was not allowed to form the government. Later Pakistan created a new system of seats for the National Assembly that made it impossible for small provinces to be able to form a government even through a coalition as Punjab was allocated more number of seats.

Federal Land Occupation
The occupation of land in East Pakistan by the federal government was a common practice. Sindh is also suffering from this fate as Pakistan persistently occupies Sindh’s land, islands and is exploiting the natural resources of Sindh.

Plunder of Sindh's Karoonjhar mountains by Pakistan and China.
Plunder of Sindh’s Karoonjhar mountains by Pakistan and China.

Rampant Executions
Execution of Bengali nationalists, political leaders were rampant. Sindh, Balochistan and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa suffer this same fate.

Bangladesh exposed the emptiness of Two Nation Theory. Creation of Pakistan was a historical blunder, and so Pakistan must morally surrender now and give freedom to historical nations that have been enchained in slavery.

In 1842-43 when the East India Company invaded Sindh, Sindh was an independent country, but as British left the region, they created a monster Pakistan to serve their own interests based on a fake two nation theory.

The historical nations Sindhudesh, Balochistan and the Pashtuns have been forced to live under occupation of Panjabi Pakistan Army and Pakistan. In the name of federal government the Punjabis are exploiting and looting resources and wealth of other provinces.

Bangladesh paid price for their freedom, at least now they have their own identity. She is a great country on the path of development, prosperity and a much better economy. This compares to Pakistan’s poverty, corruption, dictatorship, extremism, human rights violations and genocide.

Pakistan commits genocide of historical nations, suppression of minorities, ethnic cleansing, nurseries of terrorist. It has a corrupt identity. Pakistan is a puppet of CCP and CPEC. Pakistan is a threat to world peace because of nuclear weapons in the hands of maniacs like Al-Qaeda and the ISIS that dream of an ottoman caliphate.

“Don’t play with fire, you cannot suppress and kill 70 million Bangla people, victory will be ours,” Sheikh Mujib-ur Rehman said in 1971. At that time it was Bangladesh now it will be Sindhudesh.


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