Staged or Not, Individual Instances Do Not Negate Hate Crime Trends


According to Ran Ukashi, National Director of the League for Human Rights or on behalf of B’nai Brith Canada, there was a purported antisemitic attack on the BerMax Caffé in Winnipeg, which turned out to staged.

As with the Jussie Smollett staged attacks and the African-American community, and as with the apparently staged attacks here, there should be, as per the note by Ukashi, a condemnation of the fabrication of a hate crime, especially in a period of a rise in hate crimes based on religion, ethnicity, and so on.

Ukashi stated, “Making false allegations of antisemitism does nothing to quell the rise of racism and discrimination in Winnipeg and across Canada and will embolden the conspiracy theorists and purveyors of anti-Jewish hatred who blame the entirety of society’s ills on the Jewish community.”

False attacks should not detract from the seriousness with which hate crimes on Jewish peoples, Muslims, African-Americans, and so on, are taken in the public discourse, as hate should never be tolerated against the general citizenry or individual citizens in this manner.

These false allegations make human rights work difficult for all human rights organizations, including B’nai Brith Canada and others. There is a unified effort to combat hate and bigotry in all its forms, as it arises, whether in anti-Muslim sentiment, in antisemitism, and others.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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Scott Douglas Jacobsen
Assistant Editor, News Intervention, Human Rights Activist. Scott Douglas Jacobsen is the Founder of In-Sight: Independent Interview-Based Journal and In-Sight Publishing. He focuses on North America for News Intervention. Jacobsen works for science and human rights, especially women’s and children’s rights. He considers the modern scientific and technological world the foundation for the provision of the basics of human life throughout the world and advancement of human rights as the universal movement among peoples everywhere. You can contact Scott via email.

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