Students protest against the enforced disappearance of Salim Baloch by Pak Army

abduction by pak army
Salim Baloch (Photo: News Intervention)

Baloch students in Turbat organized a protest rally against the enforced disappearance of Salim Baloch. The protest rally was organized from Degree College Turbat to Shaheed Fida Chowk. They also demanded the immediate release of Salim, shouting slogans “Justice delayed, Justice denied” and “We want Justice”.

Few days ago, Pak Army personnel entered his house in Absar area of Kech, Balochistan and took him away. They told the family that after questioning Salim would be released. It has been almost six days and still Salim’s whereabouts are unknown.  Salim Baloch is a Punjab University alumnus who was currently working as a daily wage employee in Municipal Corporation office in Turbat. Last year in April, his cousin Bibagar Baloch was also abducted by Pak forces. Bibagar was abducted from Salim’s room in the hostel of Punjab University. After which, Salim raised his voice against his abduction which resulted in his release.

During the protest rally, the demonstrators demanded the release of other missing Baloch youth including Feroz, Ikram and Mehraj. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) has also urged the Pak Army to release Salim as he has no record of any involvement in militancy. Pakistan has specifically targeted either the Baloch freedom fighters or the students. Clearly, they are attempting to supress any potential voices that can question their oppressive controls and brutal actions over the people of Balochistan.  

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